A Healthy Snack To Have On Hand:

Looking after a newborn baby is EXHAUSTING! Not only are you trying to breastfeed, get your baby to sleep, and change diapers, but you also have to look after yourself all at the same time means. But you don’t always have the time to do this and you especially don’t always have the time whip up a healthy snack for yourself. Having some lactation cookies on hand (if they are made with healthy ingredients!) can be an easy way to look after yourself.

Help Boost Milk Supply:

Lactation cookies and lactation tea are made with certain ingredients that are associated with increasing breast milk supply. If you are worried about your milk supply, please see a lactation consultant to identify any possible underlying issues! If you’re going through a stressful time, such as returning to work, illness in the family, or something else then lactation cookies can be a reassuring and nourishing snack to get you through.

Help With Digestion:

There are a number of herbs included in lactation cookies and breastfeeding tea that are associated with healthy digestive system. Some herbs such as fenugreek can have the opposite effect, so it is recommended to test out different types of cookies or tea to find the one that works best for you.

Everyone Can Enjoy Them:

As you enjoy begin to enjoy your lactation cookies your husband and other child might also want to try them. Now don’t worry they won’t start producing milk or anything. The ingredients in lactation cookies are actually healthy and nourishing for everyone and will only help support lactation if you are already lactating. Having said that, some ingredients such as Fenugreek should be avoided if you are pregnant or diabetic, and we recommend always reading the ingredients label to make sure there are no allergens for you.

Full of Superfoods:

Most lactation cookies and breastfeeding tea or shakes are designed by nutritional experts or naturopaths to be chocked full of super foods for new mums. Herbs to help with mom and baby’s digestion, and vitamins and minerals to help you get through this intense period in life.